Our Advertising Solutions Will Grow Your Church Attendance, Increase Member Engagement & Reach The Unchurched. 

Choose one of our packages below that will best address your ministry goals. If you are not sure what you need, please contact us for a free consultation or for a custom package

New Movers

  • This ad package will help you target Christians and “seekers” who have recently moved to your city and may be open to visiting a new church
  • In addition, our system will extend a Personal Church Postcard Invitation and Welcome New Movers to Your Community before they Decide on a New Church Home.
  • The USPS estimates that 45 million people move every year in the United States — almost 17% of the population.
  • If your church is not reaching the new residents in your area, you may be missing out on potential new visitors each week. 

Event Promoter

  • As a Pastor, have you ever planned and planned and PREPARED for an event at your church only to have few people show up? The problem may not be lack of interest as you thought.
  • But, have you ever considered that your methods of church marketing might have been the problem instead?
  • Over the years, you been using the same flier approach and It’s been working alright, but you’d like to see your efforts reach farther. 
  • Event promoter will advertise and promote your event to those that matters. Sign up now and let's take it away. You will not regret ever signing up for this great package!

Custom Request

  • Everything in the SILVER PACKAGE and the following:
  • All of our six ad channels will be fully deployed (TV, Social Media, PR, Email Blast, SEO & Event Marketing)
  • A professionally produced TV ad that includes concept and creative development.
  • Guaranteed spots in mainstream media such as CNN, FOX, NEWS 12, New to strength training? Develop your skills safely with this weekly 6-week intro series. 
  • Access to ADAD's data analytics and TV optimization insight to maximise our ROI 

Why PromoteMyChurch?

59% of millenials who grew up in curch are leaving

One of the key reasons for church decline is not adapting to the technological advances to reach people

don't really communicate with the unchurched.

  Most of the Church ads you see are full of Church Jargons and lare full of church jargon and many of them today promise the same things, “A friendly church, upbeat music and a great children’s program!” But what appeals to a church shopper/hopper will seldom draw in an unchurched person. Not every seeker today wants friends, likes music, or has kids. What they want are answers.

But one important cause for the decline that tends to be overlooked is bad advertising.

What you’re “selling” is the true answer to people’s problems—and that is the real difference.

Whether you’re promoting an invite a friend Sunday, a Christmas event or this month’s sermon series, make the most of your church’s time and budget by promoting smarter.  


Grow Your Church Attendance

Use Facebook and Google to drive local traffic to your church website and track the increase in Sunday attendees.

Increase Member Engagement

Show your messages to people who visit your church site or Facebook page to increase community engagement..

Reach the Unchurched!

Share your message with the community to create awareness of your core mission and to reach the unchurched

About Us

Work Out Smarter, Not Harder

First, we plan. Our media experts thoroughly review and assess your ministry or event goals and objectives. Then, we build a solid local and, if warranted, national media plan with the right channel mix that will efficiently and effectively reach those goals by delivering your message at the right time to the right people.  

Personalized media planning Media Buying: With a personalized, hands-on approach, we make sure your plans are flawlessly and efficiently executed for powerful results. 

Give us your advertising budget and we will help you craft a message your target connects with, and also reach them exactly where they congregate” We tailor targeted media plans with a single-minded obsession to deliver on your objective. We apply a proven approach with market leading insight and value to de-risk campaign activity and maximise your return on investment. Maximizing your opportunity through disciplined planning, targeting and unique media market and category insight.

Specific Ad Platforms

In addition to our signature packages, we offer a variety of packages in specific advertising platforms.


Spend three hours in a small group setting mastering the fundamental strength training moves.  


An effective Facebook Ad strategy can help you grow your business or church, maintain your social presence and engage with your community.


Spend three hours in a small group setting mastering the fundamental strength training moves. 


We create tailored marketing campaigns for each segment of your market to help increase engagement for new and existing members


SEO offers a visible and effective way to increase your online presence leading to more people finding your website and visiting for the 1st time.


Get found online when people are searching for a Church! 

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. 

Pay Per Click has an instant impact and gives you a much larger reach and exposure as a result of first page listing on major search engines.